Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guide to Resist cards and items

Upper Headgears

Ghost Bandana:10% resistance to Ghost property
Halo:15% resistance to Holy Property
Feather Beret: 10% demihuman resistance + 1 mdef
Poopoo hat: 10% demihuman resistance
Beret: 10% demihuman resistance

Headgear Cards

Giant hornet card: 10% wind resistance
Giearth card: 15% earth resistance
Dryad card: 10% earth resistance
Leib Olmai: 10% fire resistance
Permeter: 15% shadow and undead resistance
Leaf Cat: 10% water resistance


Holy Robe:15% resistance to Demon monster and 10% to Shadow property

Armor Resistance Cards

Neutral Element 
75% less damage from ghost property attacks.

Water element 
= 25% less damage from water property attacks, 75% more damage from wind.

Earth Element 
50% less damage from wind, 25% more from poison and 50% more damage fire.

Fire Element 
75% less damage from fire property attacks and 50% less damage from earth property attacks, 50% more damage from water property attacks and 25% more from poison property attacks.

Wind Element 
75% less damage from wind property attacks and 50% less damage from water property attacks, 25% more damage from poison property attacks

Poison Element 
NO damage from poison property attacks (Enchant poison, but NOT from EDP), 50% less damage from Undead and Shadow property attacks.

Holy Element 
NO damage from Holy, 25% reduction to ALL elements, but 25% more damage from Shadow element.

Shadow Element 
Immune to coma, 25% less damage from ghost property attacks and 25% more damage from Holy property attacks.

Ghost Element 
75% less damage from neutral, 25% more damage from ghost property attacks.

Undead Element Armor:
Not sure how this works but I think you get healed by shadow and poison attacks take damage from heal and you're immune to coma, 25% more damage from Fire property attacks

Marc: Immune to freeze, 5% resistance to Water property
Steel ChonChon: 10% resistance to Wind property
Detale: Immune to freeze


Vali's Manteau: 15% neutral resistance.
Goibne's Spaulders: 10% long-ranged resistance.

Garment Cards

Deviling: 50% neutral resist, 50% more damage from everything else
Isis: 30% shadow resistance
Harpy: 15% neutral resistance
Hode: 30% earth resistance
Dustiness: 30% wind resistance
Jakk: 30% fire resistance
Marionette: 30% ghost resistance
Marse: 30% water resistance
Myst: 30% poison resistance
Noxious: 8% neutral reistance, 10% reduction from long range attacks
Orc Baby: 10% neutral resistance
Orc Zombie: 30% undead resistance
Raydric: 20% neutral resistance

Novice shield: 20% to all elements except neutral.
Platinum Shield: 5% resistance to medium and large-sized monsters.
Valkyrie Shield: 20% fire, water, shadow, undead resist.
Guard: 7% resistance to small and medium-sized monsters.

Shield Cards

Horn: 35% long-range resistance.
Thara Frog: 30% resistance to demihumans.
Tirfing: 25% resistance to medium size monster, includes demi-human.
Golden Thief Bug card: Reduces magical damage


Tidal Shoes: 5% water resist


Ring of Flame Lord: Increases resistance to Fire Property by 10%.

Accessory Card

Alligator: 5% resistance to long range attacks.


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